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ScanSource Brand Center

While you’ll never see the ScanSource name on any store, package, or truck, you have an invaluable asset that speaks for us: the ScanSource brand. This guide explains how, when used correctly and consistently, the following elements speak for ScanSource in a clear and meaningful way.
By following this guide, you help define ScanSource to our suppliers, sales partners, shareholders, and the community. Equally important, you help them recognize, differentiate, and remember us.

To help define how we treat our brand, we developed the ScanSource Brand Standards guide - which includes:

While many of the standards in this guide are straightforward and easy to meet, there may be instances in which you need additional guidance. If your marketing contacts need assistance, they can reach out to ScanSource Worldwide Marketing.

The ScanSource brand extends far beyond a logo. It’s who we are. It’s our story. And it takes effort and diligence from each of us to protect it. Our brand has a strong presence in the channel and in the community. Your support ensures that we maintain its integrity for years to come.


Our Logo

If you need to use a ScanSource, Inc. logo for a presentation, website, or any other on-screen purpose, please complete the Request Permission form below. Before using the ScanSource logo, please read the ScanSource Brand Standards.

Our corporate logo is an important part of our brand. That's why we vigorously protect it. Click here to report a use violation.


Our Typography

Our Colors


Strict control over the colors used to represent our brand is imperative for consistency. The only acceptable colors are listed below. Please don't veer from these standards without explicit permission from ScanSource Worldwide Marketing. 

Electronic-Media Colors

R-215 G-25 B-37

R-244 G-121 B-32

R-153 G-153 B-153

R-00 G-00 B-00


Print Colors

C-0 M-100 Y-95 K-10

C-0 M-65 Y-100 K-0

C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-40
PANTONE Cool Grey 6U

C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-100
PMS Black



For promotional material application - such as embroidery and screen printing - tone-on-tone is acceptable with the approved specialty version of the Corporate logo.



Blind-emboss or foil-stamp applications are acceptable, where appropriate, with the approved specialty version of the Corporate logo. However, colors must match our standards, or a clear foil must be laid over a proper, spot production of PMS colors. Acceptable, one-color foil colors are black, white, gold, or silver.