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ScanSource Communications Offers Plantronics Device-As-A-Service Pro

ScanSource Communications, a value-added distributor of communications products and a sales unit of ScanSource Inc., [NASDAQ: SCSC], now offers Plantronics Device-as-a-Service Pro (DaaS), an innovative and simple subscription-based cloud solution for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) looking to deliver Plantronics Unified Communications audio devices and services to their end-user customers. This collaborative effort helps further ScanSource’s commitment to being a leading global provider of communications solutions for its customers.

The Plantronics Device-as-a-Service Pro program will allow ScanSource to provide additional value and support to CSPs by offering a convenient method for attaching headsets to their solution offering with an easy, budget-friendly program. DaaS Pro is also unique in that it is not a lease or a warranty, but it will help service providers increase their margins while adding a recurring monthly revenue stream.

CSPs not only benefit from this DaaS Pro model, but their end-users also receive flexible and scalable access to quality audio devices and critical services. As service providers work to meet the ever-changing needs of their end-users, ScanSource strives to deliver simple and effective solutions.

“ScanSource is pleased to offer Plantronics DaaS Pro as an easy, budget-friendly headset and services subscription program for our Cloud Service Providers,” said Brian Cuppett, vice president of merchandising, ScanSource Communications. “This program offers an avenue for CSPs to add headsets to their solutions up front, without having to worry about buying, selling or servicing them. Our customers will reap the benefits of this one-stop-shop enhancement for their communications offerings.”

“Today, with the need for clear, crisp voice in unified communications, organizations are realizing the importance of having well-integrated, high-quality audio endpoints as part of a comprehensive UC solution,” said Erna Arnesen, vice president, channel and alliance marketing, Plantronics. “Working with ScanSource enables resellers to access our headsets on a pay-as-you-go-basis, while also being able to conveniently source the other components of the UC solution, along with the tools, services and support that meet the needs of their end-user customers. Altogether, this gives our collective partners a significant growth opportunity.”

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