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ScanSource Networking and Security Launches Exclusive Accelerate Program for Hanwha Solutions

ScanSource Networking and Security, a leading global provider of networking and security products and a sales unit of ScanSource, Inc., [NASDAQ: SCSC], today announced Accelerate, a new program that expedites and enhances Hanwha network video recorder (NVR) orders. By expanding in-house inventory, ScanSource can now build, configure, test and ship NVR orders in its Custom Configuration Center, simplifying and accelerating the installation process for resellers.

 “We are excited to unveil our unique Accelerate program, which enables us to provide improved services and solutions to our Hanwha resellers,” said Tracey Boucher, vice president of merchandising, ScanSource Networking and Security. “Coupling this new program with our Custom Configuration Center provides an unmatched value for our reseller partners looking to grow their business and quickly fulfill orders, without adding overhead.”  

With a more flexible supply of parts, the Accelerate program removes the added lead time for procurement while offering a more diversified lineup of configurations. In addition to better supporting custom orders, pre-built stock configurations will also be ready to ship on demand for urgent orders.

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