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Chris Blackwell

Communications Platforms: Can You Hack It?

As companies invest in collaboration platforms and dynamic unified communications technologies, the looming threat over and security gaps into their organizations grow exponentially. Because these platforms often house less sensitive corporate data, the gaps take longer to fill and the process around protection is less defined. Although security measures may be in place for other areas of the network, the back door through communications platforms and the users participating often remains open to hackers. Users are sharing documents and data, connecting through messaging, video conferencing and more. The possibilities for teamwork and collaborative execution are great, however so is the threat to the organization. Through these unprotected platforms and back door channels, brands are being breached in newer, more creative ways.

With an uptick in breaches and no end in sight, brands who are growing their UC and collaboration resources need to be asking themselves three things:

  1. Does your organization’s current network security extend to the collaboration end points? This isn’t always a given, and features like video conferencing, document sharing and messaging should elicit special considerations.
  2. Do you have a way of seeing when malicious files are downloaded on your network?
  3. Have you implemented internal BYOD policies and do you have a way of preventing potentially malicious files from getting from those devices onto your network?

Need help answering these questions? Our team is ready to help you launch your most sophisticated security strategy ever.

Here’s how we can help:

Cisco Security’s integrated offerings are unique and constantly adapting to the latest developments in the hacker and security community. Protections include Cisco’s Next Generation Firewall with Firepower, which can provide perimeter protection to the network and help keep hackers from gaining access in the first place. Cisco Umbrella, which provides DNS, layer protection for your network-- since all Internet traffic uses DNS, Umbrella can block malicious and unauthorized Internet traffic. Finally, Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection), which delivers comprehensive protection across the network using continuous analysis, retrospective security and multisource indications of compromise.

Along with Cisco-strength protection, ScanSource partners also receive assistance in building out a bill of materials that provides multiple layers of network security. We recently introduced Vault, a training program that addresses the knowledge base needed to be successful in developing your security strategy and provides access to ScanSource Jumpstart MOU designed to help net new security partners ramp up their practice with targeted milestones, and marketing dollars. Until now, partners have been limited to 'jumping into the deep end' with Cisco's Fire Jumper without any prior knowledge or expertise in security. Through Vault, we are providing a stepping-stone to help partners build up their knowledge base prior to the more product intensive, deep dive that attendees will find with Cisco's Fire Jumper.