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Megan DeMoise

Service End of Life Isn’t the End of the World…

As the internet and mobile computing become more and more powerful, businesses are looking for ways to become more and more efficient. With faster LTE now more ubiquitous and 5G service on the horizon, it’s becoming too expensive for carriers to continue supporting 2G and 3G networks. For that reason, Verizon will stop service for products on those networks when its service ends December 31, 2019, and devices using 2G and 3G will stop working wirelessly on that date. That means as your customers begin 2020, they need to have a plan already in place to deal with this change—to avoid disruption of their service and their business.

But, don’t worry… that’s where you come in! Instead of seeing this as the end of something, see it as a beginning. This change opens up an opportunity for you to upgrade your customers to the NEW Honeywell Mobility Edge™ unified platform—which can simplify deployments, strengthen performance, and extend product lifecycles. Mobility Edge offers flexible solutions that are scalable to businesses and organizations of all sizes, and allows quick configuration and certification, saving time and money. The tools it offers your customers make it possible for them to remove a device from its box and put it right into their workers’ hands. It’s just that simple.

Honeywell currently has two handheld computers—with more offerings on the way—that can help your customers make the transition to the Mobility Edge platform: the CN80 and CT60. The CN80 is an ultra-rugged handheld that’s outstanding for key-based and touch-based work—whether it’s used in the field, the warehouse, or any other tough environment. The CN80 delivers value to your customers by increasing productivity and lowering CAPEX through reduced cost of ownership and reduced downtime.

The CT60 line of handheld computers offers real-time connectivity and advanced data capture. If your customers’ workers are mobile and need a handheld that’s durable but lightweight, the CT60 could be the ideal solution. Featuring Gorilla Glass 3 on both the inside and the outside, it’s water resistant, can be used even when wearing gloves, and can take a serious beating. And, if your customers were using CT50 handheld computers before, no problem. The CT60 is fully compatible with all of the CT50s accessories. These new Honeywell devices will work on Verizon’s LTE networks. But, don’t miss this opportunity to get your customers on the path to something different. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge, along with the CN80 and CT60, can make the journey toward service end of life as stress-free as possible. And, so can ScanSource, when you buy your Honeywell products from us! Contact your ScanSource sales rep for more information, or call 800.944.2432 to get started today.