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Stephen Brown

Working on Digital Transformation to Evolve Your Enterprise

If you told me 20 years ago humanity would be looking through the doorway to a digitally transformed world, I might have laughed to myself and said not a chance. Maybe in a hundred years, but never in a few short decades, would we be seeing autonomous cars, virtual reality, humanoid robots, and handheld computers and devices interconnected and communicating with each other all over the world. Ironically, though, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The world in 2018 is smarter, larger, and advancing faster than anyone could have predicted. As populations rise and resources stretch, the drive for efficiency and automation aims to reduce waste and costs in every industry. An organization's ability to understand Digital Transformation and build a strategic path to a business model is the only surefire way to mitigate the limited digital capabilities businesses have implemented in 2018. According to Gartner, 87% percent of senior business leaders say that digitalization is now a priority, and in many cases, a do-or-die imperative.

In recent Gartner surveys, more than 66% of CEOs expect their companies to change business models in the next three years, with 62% reporting that transformation programs and management initiatives are already in process to make business digital. These leaders believe digitalization is the future and understand more advanced technology can create equally advanced ways to communicate and engage with stakeholders. The aim is to provide an outstanding organizational experience, increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. A digitally transformed business is an opportunity to reinvent your brand and business model, while blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds and aligning your company culture and capabilities with customer and organizational needs.

Maybe your organization is not thinking about Digital Transformation or you are just beginning to talk about a path or roadmap; if either, I implore you to look at Transform Your Digital Future with Gartner’s Top C-Suite Insights for 2018-19. These insights can help you shape your plan or bring to light the need to start your digital transformation journey, while also giving you the ability to make a more informed decision about your company’s digitalization strategy. Ask yourself a few questions. What does digitalization mean to my business? How does my organization view digitalization? What steps have we taken already, and should we be moving faster?

At ScanSource, we understand the need to have a digital vision, and we work with multiple vendors, like Avaya, who have built an entire Digital Transformation practice to assist partners and customers with taking the journey. Check out Avaya’s Digital Transformation solutions to see how they are innovating and bringing digitalization to the contact center and desktop. If you want to know more about Digital Transformation, contact your ScanSource Sales Representative to learn more about how ScanSource can help.