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Jennifer Clark

ScanSource 1COMM Solution Summit Highlights Key Areas for Growth in 2019

If you’ve attended more than one ScanSource event then you’ve probably noticed a few consistent themes: great food, engaging networking opportunities, enjoyable entertainment, unique locales, and outstanding content related to global technology solutions.

The recent 2018 1COMM Solutions Summit in Hilton Head, S.C., was no different and introduced attendees to a new wave of thinking about ScanSource. Providing multiple opportunities for 1COMM guests to learn how to grow and develop their business, 1COMM was truly all about enhancing the ever-changing customer experience by offering total solutions that meet the needs of end users.

Revisiting 1COMM events from the past, ScanSource returned to Hilton Head, S. C., to host a two-day mindshare event that featured an intimate gathering of partners and technology suppliers eager to learn where ScanSource is heading in 2019.

The John Black Golf Invitational kicked things off in familiar fashion, as it’s frequently a signature start to many ScanSource conferences, and named in memory of former ScanSource President John Black. Although the autumn weather was absent, the end result of $5,000 raised for the ScanSource charity foundation made it worth braving the heat.

Later that evening, guests continued to trickle into town for the evening expo. Featuring a who’s-who of industry suppliers, ScanSource partners were able to network and talk shop around a robust offering of cloud, carrier, and hardware suppliers in the exhibit hall. Even more, ScanSource’s new Solution Pavilion provided complete unified communication and collaboration solution discussions around call centers, huddle spaces, mobile workplaces, and classrooms. 1COMM attendees were able to see directly how this technology comes together as a complete offering from several ScanSource suppliers.

Shedding new light on the impact of the digital transformation, the following day featured ScanSource leadership, executives, and subject matter experts paving the way for what’s to come from ScanSource. Thursday’s educational sessions were designed to build upon each preceding session and offered something unique from other typical breakout formats.

Throughout the day’s sessions, the colorful stage rotated with ScanSource leadership outlining paths to walk customers through this transition. Presidents David Hertwig, Buck Baker, and Tony Sorrentino took the stage to briefly outline the change to come from ScanSource around new investment areas.

The 1COMM audience heard multiple times how ScanSource is listening more than ever to the end user in order to help its resellers grow their business. While this might sound reversed from ScanSource’s approach in the past, it was made with careful consideration around learning the needs of the end user and providing the reseller with critical hardware and software offerings that augment their portfolio.

ScanSource Vice Presidents Ansley Hoke and Brian Cuppett likened the new approach to a chef salad on an overwhelming menu. While it can be exciting to have a menu filled with pages of options, if it’s too confusing and you’ve never experienced the other items, you’re more likely to choose an old standby, like the chef salad. But Cuppett further explained how ScanSource is ready to guide its customers through the shift to make an even more incredible meal that fulfills everyone.

Afterward, Intelisys Senior Vice President of Cloud Transformation, Andrew Pryfogle, gave a deep and engaging dive into the customer experience. Knowing end users want personalized, connected and faster user experiences, he discussed innovative customer service practices that incorporate much of the technology resellers must implement in order to meet growing demands. To help with this, ScanSource’s conversations with end users propels that knowledge first-hand to the reseller without ever jeopardizing the ScanSource>reseller>end user relationship.

To wrap up the morning, John Foley, retired Blue Angels navy pilot, delivered an inspiring keynote address to the 1COMM crowd around overcoming obstacles and uniting team members in times of change. Foley challenged the audience to create “awe” every day in their own businesses as well as change their belief in limitations for the future. His captivating message translated well to the ScanSource audience as they begin to navigate their own business changes.

After an alfresco lunch by the ocean, the afternoon educational sessions focused on how to transform your business and the financial payoff, with Intelisys VP of Finance, Mike Ketchum and Tim Ramsey, ScanSource VP of Financial Operations and Analysis, presenting. As an extension of that conversation, Pryfogle took it one step further by explaining how to transition into a monthly recurring revenue model. Attendees were thrilled to see the wide array of impressive cloud and carrier that comprise the ScanSource Intelisys line card.

Providing real insight from ScanSource customers and industry peers, the Managed Services panel hosted by Solid Rock Coaching’s Head Coach John Gaillard offered humorous stories of past 1COMM events as well as an introspective look at how three unique businesses approach their managed services practices.

Finally, ScanSource CTO Greg Dixon closed the afternoon talking about the future of IoT, Blockchain and AI technology, highlighting the immense growth opportunities for these areas while entertaining the crowd with his informative forecasting.

As some of these offerings might look familiar to long-time ScanSource customers on the surface, it’s ScanSource’s focus on meeting the demands of the 21st-century business transformation that is so critical.

As ScanSource continues its goal to become the center of the solution-delivery channel, Solution Summits like 1COMM will become the go-to event for technology-focused resellers to learn valuable insight on how to best grow their business. To discover how you can get started or attend the next ScanSource Solutions event, contact your sales rep or visit: