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Get on the FASTPATH: Q&A with Phillip Heaton, Vendor Business Manager, Cisco Networking

When it comes to running a business, there’s no denying that a strong, reliable network is at the core of its long-term success. That’s why we are proud to offer a number of Cisco training and acceleration programs and services to get your networking practice on the FASTPATH. Our offerings have you and your team covered from short-form classes that serve as a resource for training, sales positioning, and building a strong model to longer programs featuring full product positioning and hands-on labs for configuration of Meraki's security, switching, wireless, and mobile-device management platforms. Not sure which suits your needs best? Our team of skilled business managers is on-hand to help you build your skillset in the appropriate areas through our available courses.

Meet Phillip, Vendor Business Manager for Cisco Networking who handles all training and enablement for Cisco networking, wireless, and Meraki. He has been working to enable partners with Cisco for more than four years in various roles and has completed CENS (Cisco Express Networking Specialization), CMNA (Cisco Meraki Networking Associate), CMNP (Meraki Masters). As our resident networking expert, Phillip has a special interest in getting you connected through our unique training programs. He especially suggests them to our partners who many not focus solely on networking, “our classes aren’t limited to those looking to enhance their networking practices, the sessions are also great starting points for AV and collaboration partners who need to give connectivity to their customers as well.”

Get to know Phillip

Q: What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of leading the networking training sessions?

A: The most rewarding part for me is hearing the customer's view on the business. Our partners are our biggest asset- and by working with them I get to see their biggest struggles and challenges. It is great seeing a partner realize how easy networking can actually be.

Q: Where did you attend undergrad?

A: University of South Carolina, go Gamecocks!

Q: If you had to live for one week without running water or WiFi, which would you choose?

A: I’d go without WiFi. I actually love being disconnected sometimes, it helps me stay balanced and appreciate connectivity!

Q: The word 'meraki' is a Greek term used to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love-- what is something you love or enjoy that would elicit the use of the word?

A: Being a father to my beautiful 20-month old daughter. It takes all 3 of those things: soul, creativity and love.

Q: What is the most common issue, product strain or business struggle that your attendees bring to you?

A: The most common struggle is "networking is new to me,” it’s the fear of the unknown. I have a lot of attendees who have little to no networking experience and our class is helpful because it introduces them to networking made simple. Most walk away from the program surprised by how simple it can be.

Take a look at what’s available through our Cisco FASTPATH program:

Meraki101 – A lighter version of Meraki360, Meraki 101 is specifically focused on developing a success model for account managers and sales positioning for the Meraki portfolio. This two-hour class will make you comfortable with starting the Meraki and networking conversation. It’s as easy as start asking questions about your customers network. Meraki101 will give you the confidence to start that conversation.

Meraki360 – A comprehensive, half-day program taught by Phillip, our Meraki-certified instructor. This class includes full product positioning AND hands-on labs for configuration of Meraki's security, switching, wireless, and mobile-device management platforms. This class will give your sales engineers and account managers a peek into the world of easy cloud management. They will quickly learn the value of SD-WAN and how the cloud architecture will make their lives and their customers lives easier.

Connect – Connect is our latest addition to the training portfolio and is your resource for training, sales positioning and resources to sell traditional on-premise Cisco networking, wireless, and SMB solutions. This program goes beyond training, when you invest in the Connect program, ScanSource stays connected to ensure your Cisco networking practice and your Meraki practice are constantly moving through our launch, momentum, and acceleration phases and reaping the benefits of our FASTPATH program—with introductions to our ScanSource Partner Marketing team and Cisco field resources.

The summer months are a great time to take advantage of these unique enablement programs designed with your networking practice in mind. Drive business outcomes to a higher level of profitability and watch your Cisco practice advance quickly to the next level. View upcoming Connect and Meraki training classes and register to get on the FASTPATH today!