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Lindsay Draus

Zebra + ScanSource, global leaders in the warehouse space

Warehouse environments—or any rugged environment, for that matter—present specific business challenges that must be addressed. Warehouses, for example, can be inefficient, especially when there are major jumps in volume that occur before systems and infrastructure can be updated. And higher customer demand can take its toll on warehouse employees, as they try to keep up while using outdated processes and technologies. These issues can cause errors in processing orders, increased labor costs, and inferior efficiency—all of which can lead to reduced customer satisfaction. When customers aren’t happy, they often seek new partners they believe will provide better quality service.

To keep your warehouse customers satisfied—so they keep coming back to you for what their businesses need—Zebra suggests the following three action items to get started: automating paper-based processes; offering information on demand, in real time; and finding ways to boost worker efficiency and accuracy. To create solutions to help achieve those objectives, Zebra is proud and excited to launch products that can deliver government-grade security, numerous scanning options, premier battery management, and much more.

The Zebra MC9300 handheld mobile computer is a new version of an old favorite, the Zebra MC9200 (which is still available, so don’t worry). Its top three, customer-centric features are its highly advanced mobile-computing platform, outstanding application support, and best-of-breed ruggedness. With help from the MC9300 productivity is increased, training and onboarding reduced, and OS security and a longer lifecycle added (thanks to its use of the latest Android platform and built-in support). And when your customers learn they can customize the MC9300 with Zebra accessories, they’ll be eager to add it to their solutions!

Like the MC9300, the Zebra TC8300 touch computer features the reliable Android platform, raises user experiences to new levels of excellence, and offers expanded application support. It also has the same customer benefits as the MC9300—like better productivity and OS security, and reduced training—and can be accessorized by adding a variety of mounting and carrying options, cradles, wired/wireless headsets, battery chargers, and more.

You owe it to your customers—and to your bottom line—to learn more about the Zebra MC9300 and TC8300. Your ScanSource Zebra sales rep can answer any questions you have and can put you on the path to creating better warehouse solutions, so contact him or her today.