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Phillip Heaton

Security: Every Industry’s Top Priority

New year, new digital capabilities, new solutions, new security threats.

If you’re heading into 2019 selling Cisco collaboration and networking solutions, we can guess what word sits (or should be sitting!) at the top of your priority list: security. With breaches at an all-time high and new threats entering the network every day, an unprotected solution is not only a missed revenue opportunity, it’s a liability. Thankfully, Cisco’s suite of customizable, simple security solutions fit seamlessly with the enterprise networking and collaboration solutions you’re already selling and is industry-leading for a reason: accelerated visibility, a reduction in attack surface, speedy incident response and a halt to breaches. It’s time to lead with security.

Are your Collaboration Tools Safe?

As companies invest in collaboration platforms and dynamic unified communications technologies, the security gaps into their organizations grow exponentially. Because these platforms often house less sensitive corporate data, the gaps take longer to fill and the process around protection is less defined. Although security measures may be in place for other areas of the network, the back door through communications platforms and the users participating often remains open to hackers. Users are sharing documents and data, connecting through messaging, video conferencing and more. The possibilities for teamwork and collaborative execution are great; however, so is the threat to the organization. Through these unprotected platforms and back-door channels, brands are being breached in newer, more creative ways.

Is Your Network Protected?

The network is growing at a rapid rate and has likely become center of your digital business. As with most innovations, exciting advancements like mobile devices, cloud and IoT come with new security challenges-- ones that can threaten the very existence of your organization’s nucleus. It is now more important than ever to mitigate risk through network segmentation and closely monitor the network to ensure that everything is as it should be. Mitigation minimizes the risk and impact of threats by reducing the ability to compromise assets, and monitoring allows us to watch that activity, gather information, and, based on that information, allow or deny activity. We all know that the more data we collect, the better off we are making decisions. Ultimately bad things will find their way in, well-armed organizations will respond quickly and precisely. Today’s environment demands that we have integrated security tools that work together in an automated architecture to streamline and simplify the process of detecting and mitigating threats. Tools that see everything, reduce the attack surface, accelerate response and stop breaches before operations are affected. Join the new era of networking with Cisco DNA!

How the Cisco Security Suite Can Benefit You:

• Reducing risk - These solutions are designed to provide multi-layered protection, working to transform your network into a security enforcer.

• Protection everywhere - Cisco Security solutions integrate protection against threats into all facets of your business using software-defined segmentation for scalability and agile policy enforcement.

• Lowering complexity - The solutions are simple to apply and automated. Less work to apply, more protection. Win win!

Here’s Where ScanSource Comes In:

Cisco Security’s integrated offerings are unique and constantly adapting to the latest developments in the hacker and security community. Protections include Cisco’s Next Generation Firewall with Firepower, which can provide perimeter protection to the network and help keep hackers from gaining access in the first place. Cisco Umbrella, which provides DNS, layer protection for your network-- since all Internet traffic uses DNS, Umbrella can block malicious and unauthorized Internet traffic. Finally, Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection), which delivers comprehensive protection across the network using continuous analysis, retrospective security and multisource indications of compromise.

Along with Cisco-strength protection, ScanSource partners also receive assistance in building out a bill of materials that provides multiple layers of network security. The Vault training program addresses the knowledge base needed to be successful in developing a security strategy. These unique training classes are a great first step in learning about Cisco Security offerings and discuss which solutions pair best with the suite you already sell. Think of the program as a stepping-stone to help partners build up their knowledge base prior to the more product-intensive, deep dive that attendees will find with other Cisco programs like Fire Jumper. During the Vault class, your account managers and systems engineers will learn from our specifically trained, Cisco-certified instructors in a hands-on lab format, as you configure and test devices and manage threats in a test environment. Let us help you secure the solutions you’re already selling- success within your Cisco security practice starts with Vault!