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Wendy Thacker

Going rugged can maximize productivity and efficiency

In today’s business environment, enterprises across utilities, public safety, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and even the military are looking at numerous methods to create more efficient and productive workforces. Many are discovering one crucial way to achieve that goal is to establish and maintain workflows that are as streamlined as possible. To that end, there’s an ever-increasing demand for mobility. Rugged tablets now are considered must-have devices for mobile workers dealing daily with tough conditions. So, let’s look at some of the advantages they provide.

Rugged tablets offer mobile workers the flexibility they need for better data capture. With options for RFID (radio-frequency identification) and wireless LAN or WAN communication, you can connect virtually anywhere and enable real-time data capture and processing. Reducing downtime adds up to increased productivity and efficiency. And when companies automate workflows and the associated data-collection points, they create electronic records that are complete, accurate, and accessible.

Having time to charge equipment may not seem like a challenging problem, but it certainly can be for mobile workers. They need devices that stand up to a full shift without wasting time on battery charging. Rugged tablets are designed to do just that, because they have processors that use minimal power. And, if employees are required to extend their workdays, they can hot swap with an auxiliary battery without skipping a beat.

Rugged tablets are purpose-built to be used just about anywhere, and are designed to be tough enough to “serve” in the military. They work in extreme temperatures and humidity, and their larger screens are ideal for scrolling and searching—so workers can navigate information and even detailed schematics with ease.

When you consider all the features rugged tablets offer, it’s easy to see how they can improve productivity and efficiency. And, when it comes to purchasing rugged tablets, there are two names you need to know. ScanSource and Zebra.

Zebra L10 rugged tablets are rated for a six-foot drop. They were subjected to numerous MIL-STD-810G tests and, with the port doors open, they still have an IP65 rating. Designed for use in extreme cold, dust, or rain, L10 tablets have a bright-light-viewable, reinforced glass display and an active digitizer option—meaning your screen is easy to read wherever you are. And the optional, five pass-through antennas allow them to be mounted to just about any vehicle.

L10 rugged tablet come in many different models, like a slate tablet (XSLATE L10); a tablet with a rigid handle and optional, built-in barcode reader (XPAD L10); or a two-in-one laptop/tablet with a fully featured, backlit keyboard (XBOOK L10). And all L10s are flexible and customizable for mobile workers.

Interested in learning more about Zebra’s full tablet portfolio? Click here or contact your ScanSource Zebra sales rep for more information. Because whatever markets your customers do business in—retail, healthcare, field services, warehousing, and others—Zebra has a tablet to help their mobile workers be more efficient and productive. And ScanSource can help you put together the best-possible mobility solutions from our line card of industry-leading products. We create solutions for today that will work tomorrow, and beyond.