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Ansley Hoke

Mobility has never mattered more to productivity in multiple markets

In a variety of markets, it’s extremely difficult for businesses to develop and maintain consistent and efficient operating procedures. And when businesses employ mobile workers, they’re under additional pressure to make sure those workers have the mobile-computing solutions needed to complete their jobs with as little downtime as possible.

Workers using mobile computers now can access everything they need from their fingertips, including the information and applications that help keep them productive. And their increased productivity leads to a better customer experience—which can lead to greater business profitability.

Regardless of the industry in which your customers do business, mobility solutions can help accelerate their success by keeping their operations moving at the ideal pace. Here are three markets to consider.


After medical professionals start their shifts, they rarely have a chance to sit, or even slow, down. They’re in almost constant motion until they clock out. To allow them to move between patients seamlessly—without having to stop for anything except some occasional rest—using mobile computing technologies is key. With the right mobility solutions healthcare workers can:

·       Make better care decisions—with input from other medical personnel—on their feet by using voice, text, or email.

·       Find or securely update electronic health records (EHR) in real time, from any location.

·       Confirm patient IDs before administering medications or labeling specimens.

·       Order tests/treatments at bedside, or from wherever the patient is treated.

These are only four of the myriad opportunities where mobility improves the communication of healthcare workers while still securing patients’ data to maintain their privacy.


During the last several months, it was essential that most retailers increase deployment of mobile-computing devices to establish and maintain better connections between their supply chain partners, employees, and customers. Just keeping up with order demand, maintaining stock at the correct levels, speeding up order fulfillment, and trying to keep both in-store and online customers satisfied became challenging, full-time endeavors. But retailers find that, with the right mobility solutions, they can:

·       Keep an accurate record of inventory by location—allowing improved ordering, picking, and customer service.

·       Scan shelves, search inventory, instantly communicate with other staff members, and send workorders to replenish stock without delay.

·       Establish easier ways to complete transactions, wherever and whenever they take place.

And keep in mind the changes in the retail market occurring now more than likely will stick around. So, make sure your customers are well prepared.


Warehouses that run the most efficiently contribute to creating happy customers. On the other hand, inefficient processes in the warehouse equal time wasted, which could translate into slower responses and dissatisfied customers. It’s a well-known but unfortunate cycle. To save valuable time where they can, some warehouses already have eliminated paper-based tasks as much as possible—causing their competitors to do the same to keep up. Using mobile devices helps make that transition away from paper possible.

Shoppers now expect to receive orders faster than ever before. But the current, social-distancing policies can make that very difficult to achieve. Warehouse and manufacturing workers who now are required to stay six feet away from each other find that problematic in the often-crowded confines of their workplaces and workstations. Keeping that extra distance can slow them down considerably. However, with the right mobility solution warehouse workers can:

·       Benefit from automated, data-capture tools that improve accuracy and operational visibility.

·       Receive actionable intelligence wherever and whenever needed, to improve performance.

·       Know when they’re too close to each other through updated software that doesn’t impede efficiency.

Regardless of industry, there’s a new normal affecting just about every business. Make sure your customers’ workers have the devices they need to be productive. Start with Zebra's full range of mobile computers—like the TC21 and TC26, TC72 and TC77, TC52 and TC52-HC, and TC57. Zebra’s mobility solutions—from tablets and healthcare mobile computers to RFID handheld readers and specialized software deployed on mobile computers—help your customers prepare for what’s on the horizon as they build on, and improve, their existing processes. Zebra even shows you how to disinfect its mobile computers here. That’s helpful information in the current climate and beyond.

Purchase Zebra products from ScanSource and you can be confident knowing you and your customers will benefit from our expertise every step of the way. Keep businesses running safely—and at peak capacity—with our help.