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What does {bu} Reseller Financial Services mean to you?

Optimized cash flow.  Bigger opportunities.  And a partner that will expand your purchasing power.

Reseller Financial Services (RFS) is more than a menu of financial options. We’re your partner. We help you create the flexibility you need to grow your business. We work hand-in-hand with you to find the right solution for your individual situation. And, we’re constantly evaluating our partner relationships to make sure that we’ll be as adaptable to your needs tomorrow as we are today. From trade credit terms to leasing, we work closely with our resellers to identify solutions that optimize cash flow, maximize purchasing power, and free you to pursue sales opportunities whenever and wherever they arise. In addition to a trade credit limit, here are a few other ways we can help you:


Direct services available through {bu}

  • Relationship managers who take a proactive approach to your business
  • Flexible trade credit limits to match your growth needs
  • Access to tailored alternative financing options


The Relationship Advantage

By providing ScanSource Reseller Financial Services with financial visibility into your business, you’re bound to see the real value of our partnership.  Really, it’s the same thing you ask of your customers, ‘Help me understand your business.’  With this kind of knowledge, we can be more proactive and flexible with financial solutions to expand your purchasing power while identifying potential opportunities to benefit your business in the long run.


Contact Us

To find more information on our services and to meet your Reseller Financial Services team today, call us at 800.944.2439 ext. 4007.