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Hot Wireless is a ScanSource program to facilitate the selling of data-plan activations of WAN-enabled devices sold by ScanSource VAR partners to their end-user customers.

The data plans, SmartSIM technology, and service for the ScanSource Hot Wireless program are provided by ScanSource supplier partner, Advantix.

There are two ways VAR partners can sell data plans in the Hot Wireless program:

1. The 30-Day Kickstart

ScanSource will install and activate Advantix SmartSIMs in VAR-purchased devices at our distribution configuration center. They will be shipped to the VAR customer “hot” and ready to use on the cellular network. The SmartSIMs in the Kickstart program have a 30-day data plan and must be renewed directly with Advantix for ongoing data-plan availabililty and service.

The VAR orders the necessary SKUs for a Kickstart activation at the ScanSource CCC which must include:

• ASGSMARTSIM2. . . . . . . . . . . SmartSIM Card

• ADV-ASGSIMACTIVATE. . . . . Cellular-activation fee

• ADV-ASG1MKTG. . . . . . . . . . . Collateral insert

• SIG-SIMADVANTIX. . . . . . . . . CCC integration service

Then the VAR selects one of the available data plans:

• WE00250MSS. . . . . . . . .250MB Kickstart Plan

• WE00500MSS . . . . . . . 500MB Kickstart Plan

• WE00001GSS. . . . . . . . . . . . 1GB Kickstart Plan

• WE00002GSS. . . . . . . . . . . 2GB Kickstart Plan


The CCC will activate, test, and ship the device with an active data plan capped at the lesser of 30 days (plus two days for shipping) or the ordered capacity (250MB, 500MB, 1GB, or 2GB). Advantix will reach out to the technical contact listed on the order (either end user or reseller) and assist in selecting an ongoing data plan.

2. Advantix Direct

The VAR and his or her end user will be put in direct contact with Advantix, which will work with both parties to determine the requirements of the end-user’s cellular application. Advantix will provide a proposal directly to the end user for the data-plan solution. This typically includes the cost of the SmartSIM/activation and required data plan.

• Below the two options above we would want the following information placed:

VAR Discounts and Commissions

In all cases, ScanSource VARs must be authorized to particpate in the Hot Wireless program by signing up as an Intelisys partner or signing up as a Kickstart partner.

As an Intellisys partner, the VAR will get full commissons (payable by ScanSource/Intelisys) for all Advantix data plans sold and will be entitled to purchase Kickstart products from ScanSource at a discount.

As a Kickstart partner, the VAR will purchase Kickstart products from ScanSource at a discount and can sell to his or her end user at retail—but the VAR will not receive any commissions for ongoing data plans Advantix contracts with the end user unless the VAR signs up to be an Intelisys partner.

Sign-up links:

Intelisys partner

Kickstart partner

For questions, contact Hot Wireless at or 805.746.5437 (mobile).