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Networking Fundamental for Sales

Networking Fundamentals is a course for non-technical people. It is designed to provide a broad understanding of the basics of computer networks for Sales and Merchandising employees. Technical people may find it useful in establishing a baseline for knowledge before developing further networking skills or certifications. Be sure to download the handout if you want a copy of the material. It is available with each module. This total course should take between three and four hours to complete.

Networking Fundamentals Part 1 – The Big Network - 38 Minutes

This first module will guide the learner through the basic language of computer networking. It includes terms like, Convergence, Internet Protocol and the Internet of Things. There is also a simple overview of the OSI Model for Networking. This is important and will set the stage for everything else you will learn. View Now

Networking Fundamentals Part 2 – The Cloud – 46 Minutes

Learn to speak the language of “Cloud.” Today’s business network will likely include a portion that is “in the cloud.” Learn about “hosting” and the important concepts that make the Cloud possible and profitable. Also, you will learn the role that Distributors and Resellers play in the Cloud Channel.  View Now

Networking Fundamentals Part 3a – The LAN – 40 Minutes

In Part 3 we will build a network, literally from the ground up. In this module, we will see the Local Area Network (LAN) come to life and learn the language and components that make it up. Get to know Joe and Susan as they grow their business. View Now

Networking Fundamentals Part 3b – The WLAN – 20 Minutes

The Wireless LAN (WiFi) gives users the mobility necessary to do their job anyplace inside the enterprise. This module will teach us how it works and gives us several options to scale a WLAN for any size network. View Now

Networking Fundamentals Part 3c – The WAN – 36 Minutes

Many enterprises have multiple locations that all need to be connected together seamlessly. In this final module, we will see how ACME Corporation gets connected across long distances (Wide Area Network) and ultimately refines their network design for optimal performance and cost.  View Now