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Get ahead with Aruba On—
an exclusive program from ScanSource

You do a solid business, but you’d like to make your Aruba sales soar. Check out ScanSource’s Aruba On program, a sales-acceleration solution tailored for authorized and non-authorized sales partners alike. Through Aruba On, ScanSource provides a portfolio of tools to help you achieve your next level of success.

What exactly is Aruba On?

It’s a PLAN—a step-by-step road map to sales success.

It’s a RESOURCE collection, containing everything you need to promote Aruba solutions.

It’s a SUPPORT system where ScanSource experts help you grow your business every step of the way.

Key Partner Benefits:
  • Online sales trainings
  • Exclusive sales performance rewards
  • Access to demo gear
  • Heat map services
  • Pre-sale tech support
  • Opportunities for back-end rebates
  • Opportunities for funded marketing services
  • Dedicated ScanSource Aruba experts

Ready to get started?

Need to learn more? Contact Lee Maynard at 864.286.4963 or
Let’s grow your Aruba business FAST.