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The innovation and the savings are crystal clear with Barco’s UniSee LCD Wall.

Leverage an array of deals and savings when you secure this revolutionary technology through ScanSource.

With its groundbreaking UniSee display panels, Barco is continuing to evolve work spaces and conference rooms throughout the country—and now they’re available through ScanSource. When you partner with ScanSource to secure this redesigned and optimized video wall experience for your customers, you can put innovation—and savings—in sight.

Among the game-changing features of the UniSee video wall:

  • The bezel-less design of the UniSee eliminates the video wall’s inter-tile gap, making it barely noticeable and enabling users to spread content over multiple tiles—without a disturbing black border interrupting the view.
  • With the Sense X calibration system for color and brightness, the entire wall displays a perfectly balanced image at all times thanks to precise, automatic, continuous, and real-time adjustments. Further, by re-engineering the panel design, Barco has countered all possible brightness variations from the center to the edges.
  • A mounting structure with automatic alignment ensures precision and creates an engineered uniformity.


Savings Opportunities

Make sure to register your project for 10% off, and get an extra 5% off if you flip a competitive deal! And that’s not all! Additional savings opportunities are available through these offers:


Additional Assets

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